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Natalya Lakhtakia

for school board


Thank you for re-electing me on May 17, 2022! I am thrilled to continue to serve our community!

About Me

A bit about Natalya

Hi! I am Natalya Lakhtakia. In 2019, I was elected to the Saratoga Springs City School District Board of Education, and have been the only person of color on the board during my tenure.  I am thrilled to announce that I am running for re-election!


School is the foundation for a lifetime of positive relationships, love of learning, and connections with the world.  I want the Saratoga Springs School District to be exceptional for academic achievement, exceptional in the way our students are prepared for further education or careers, exceptional in the resources provided to our teachers and support staff, and exceptional in the character they help our students develop.


Over the past almost 3 years, I have been dedicated to working collegially with my fellow board members to support strong decisions by our district based on research and best practices, with every single student in mind. I care about each member of the school community: every single student, faculty member, support staff, and administrator.

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Policy Committee

I have sat on the Policy Committee my entire time on the board, and have served as chair since 2020.  Policy Committee members work with the Superintendent and other administrators in the district to review Policies and determine which should be updated, introduced, and/or removed. I have focused on reviewing policies through an equity lens, working to make sure board policies are written with inclusive language that ensures they are applicable to each and every one of our students. During my tenure as chair of the Policy Committee, I saw the transition to all board policies being available online through the district website for greater transparency.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Initiatives
The District Equity & Inclusion Committee supports the district’s mission and ongoing work in creating a more equitable, inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all students, staff, and community members. The DEI Committee has been engaged in promoting diversity, becoming a culturally competent school community, and improving access, opportunity, and outcomes for every student. 

I joined this committee as soon as it formed and was selected to chair the Policy Subcommittee.  In June 2021, after lengthy and diligent work by this subcommittee, with broad stakeholder input, the Board unanimously passed an ambitious new
policy and regulation that make the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion more expansive and concrete. This school year, our work on the Policy Subcommittee is focused on measuring and assessing progress towards our goals, including that of creating an increasingly equitable, welcoming, and affirming environment for each and every student.

In June 2020, I worked with my colleagues John Brueggemann and Jennifer Leidig to create a resolution supporting Standing Together Against Systemic Racism.  The Board unanimously approved this resolution, and the district “fully committed to working with all school community members in aligning school district policies against systemic racism, fostering growth in our schools with respect for all, and embedding our core values into our district's culture and daily practices.”

In February 2022, my colleagues John Brueggemann, Tony Krackeler, and I crafted
A Resolution in Strong Support of Our Educators to affirm and bolster their efforts on behalf of our students. The board and district have committed to creating and maintaining a school environment where everyone feels safe and welcome, and agree that we must model appropriate behavior for our students.  In the face of the pandemic and subject to increasingly off-base and hostile attacks on educators and the profession of teaching, our educators press on, guiding our children as they learn, develop, grow, and achieve.  This resolution affirms that we vigorously support their work and will never condone any disrespectful treatment of them that makes their jobs harder or undermines their efforts to give students their best efforts.   The Board unanimously approved this resolution.


Re-opening Committee

In Summer 2020, each board member selected a district Re-opening Committee to join.  As I have spent most of my career working at the elementary level in special education, I selected the Elementary Instructional Committee.  I attended every meeting - sometimes daily - and supported our teachers and administrators by acting as a note taker, process checker, and organizer of information. I worked to make sure that I was providing as much support as I could, while our district workers made the difficult decisions that ultimately led the SSCSD 2020-2021 school year to being far more successful than any of us could have imagined.

Streamlining Processes

I have been on the Superintendent Evaluation Oversight Committee for two years.  As part of this work, I took the initiative to digitize the superintendent evaluation forms and board self-evaluation forms to allow the board to more efficiently complete this work.



Check out my facebook page to learn more about my thoughts on

Food Access

Full Spectrum Health

Equity and Inclusion

Building Improvements

Music, Movement, and Art

Strongly Supporting Faculty and Staff

COVID-19 safety

Welcoming and Affirming Environment

and more!

Contact Me

Contact Me

I welcome you to contact me at  


Please check out my Facebook and Instagram pages:

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How to Vote

Election Day is May 17, 2022!  

Polls are open from 7am-9pm.

Your polling location for this school district election may be different from where you vote in general elections.  Find out where to vote by clicking here

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